Friday 27 August 2021

So, how dare they ......

 And will she?

And how could she.


But let us go back to last year.

This material is not called Sublime2020 for no reason, likerseckerslike.


Because The Sublime has to have a ....price

That's the deal.

Even if to quote her - one of so many dreary hers

we pay for


Who never know what the her-on they need...


But that was funny, was it 'her''sssss?


somethingorother MOG


And so in nineteen seventy one all was well.

And then in nineteen ninety eight some tart came along and decided she would




minnie and co before i heard her and co


"Think twice"

I mean bless your soul

Just because you have spent a fortune on blue hairdye

Does not mean

You have soul

Like him

"lass... the twirled around and





Now what a lot of

fancy pants.

Gatherated not far away.

With their silly masks but i saw:

Some forget




But fancy pants.

Just a day before just a few miles away.

The time of my life.


Bless my soul she's a thinkin

But o'course she cannot think:

"bless your soul" I'm a thinkin'

Because, well how do you put it into words:

All of them.

The whole of British Hemel Hampstead history since about MasterCard went on the telly.

And spawned her.

As fulsome as the width of that little bit is soulless plastic.

Who do you think you are

bless it.

oops she thinks she has one.

Only an actual soul can be stood in front of her and actually


her day.

She had put off one glorious year

and a half.

"so how about would you make it three..."

And i knew.

What winning is Mister Fuckin battles and wars.


And living in their so called 'moment' is.