Thursday 15 July 2021

It says 33 "people" have read the last.

Well nothing really had happened except everything already in the sublime years.

T'wasa  typos 

so many


'Years',  that's indeed the truth.

BUt i just rit 'tear' by accident for

that last, 

from now.

It was impossible that she even read my "wrong side of the curve"

Even if that was audio.

And she rit it back.

On our new App


As if made for us, by Snowden.

I mean last year, ok one of some.

Impossible but last was sublime.

The real meaning, of them Poles.

You got Oggle.

"look it up"

Biut no mere defnition can predict.

That that following

(just for fun, i wonder if she liked it...)

To keep me from going mad.

Because what is mere madness, when

You just know.

No not me I did not even think of it,

your Wordwide MArch 2020

Well but for 5 minutes to quite the blond

But it's all very well having a perfect year.

BUt then nothing came of it.

Did it.


IN the last place one can find on earth.




'relative' the most important word.

Does not even apply.

Because she is.


clever enough to know that of course out ten hour call.

Was yes still a little unequal.


But it was nearly still.

Doe death from exhaustion and seeing that sunridse, oh my

By his place.

All the money in his world - he's not even worth the effort of

Ctrl I  italicising.

Because he would not know could never know.

What had happened all night in his layby up t'road..

And i never stay up past even ten


And not only am i now in where i planned

To be two years ago.

The truth, i shall welcome the rest.

Beacuse the ruth is i saw her for the second morning after too.

And it is my truth.

Even if she cannot ever hear it again.

For her .... internet? people? I don't know...

Ahhh just let's call her Mrs Choo choo...

She seems to like it well enough.

But no specifics.

There is no need as there is the universal

human rights.

We know we should can she?

Ancd i cannot recall what her type is.

Well i had no idea even if quite off the track

I thought i was Brit

what perfect sitting in a train music


Letting her


No don't be daft.

I mean it is all so daft ...already.

So, like there's 'impossible'.

And then there's so impossible that even if Donald Hoffman's right

His maths is so  wrong it is the wrong way round and the probability of....

Nohhh don't be daft.