Thursday 13 May 2021

Well she can keep her unlawfully crowdfunded further pile of so called 'bliss'...

 Before i go over to 'her' song.....

T's the way she lingers.....she does now.

In the worst of all according to Dickens, and moi

Was it the way i meant it.

"No fuckin's so gorgeous now....

"Those flex...

" and your fiddlin....

" sublime me lady....


Is it the way, you see

There is another one...

There is one that has her picture.


But they worldn't get:

Her two fingers yestereve.

And her gorgeous smile 

"Chose speed's err or moi no fuckin compromeyes....!!


I mean define a life so jam  packed of ridicule

Them rules.

The rules of life, we all know.

Can all be cast aside.

Even she took it to heart today, the right way

The little Duberry one.

"Oh your a girl..."

Now the officousnado will knowingly know how to have gotten old of these years..

oops Missed a Bit... or rather, there is even more than mere 'too much'.

Two months  - approx.

And i have a superb memory.

Defne the fullest ever life ever full of so much illegal bliss its daft.

It seems like two years ago since we had that ultra-Barny i the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere:

"Liar, speed Queen....she's a liar.... i don't deal any more with liars .... new rues

" i shall have to decide one day how to manifest them but all i know.... no fuckin liars ...

"and no moaninn....

" and no labels...



Well it has to be said it's jolly good being so wrong even though se would hate to know

Not very long ago feels like a decade ago... far too much keeps happening.

So i really better had start to at least pencil in a bit of the sketch of it.

Shame we lost her.

Missus sketchy...

I mean even my mortal enemy she sends me pictures of her carriage hinting she's a fair maiden needing a bloke...

's touch.

Anyway ....i forget the way in to this thus far load of drivel - was it 'silver lining'?

I mean that was meant to be the end, new variants yes please.... the end about two months ago.

And i already out of the blue, new

when i have more than i ever need for ten lifetimes

have a real new silver carriage.

To hoist patard someone.

And a gang of elves they know.

Someone would be well off being hoisted. 

Because they cannot win me no matter what devious tricks they try.


Will it be her?

The lingerer.

I mean if i can get the "flying" one to blush and say "so I'm a girl am I..." 

I mean that ex Aintree  hard knock racehorse trainer, Ray, nothing in comparison to her.

I could and have never even dreamed this, be him.

Lord Him....

Or was it Marquis...?

Of the ravenous  beasts.

That bite.

But I would never wish that.

But this is rediculous.

I mean yer aint even permitted to hg yet, except for your mortal enemies.

Anyway i have no conceivable interest in anything, now.

Ot even two months ago.

Because one year ago.

The impossible began.

I met the one.

I would never had met her any normal year or lifetime.

Who would eat em all for breakfast:

" you think you can loiter here do you on your old bike and....

" get disarmingly chatty with me even if it's a perfect day and we're in the lovely wildflower meadow here  smiling...

"you should know sir, I'm probably armed...I am licensed...and your on MY verge,  pleb..."

" ahhaaa..... my papa as you upper class tarts say, would eat four of your sort for breakfast, or rather foor...

"ahhhaaaa....... I feel i may have met my match.....

"at last.....

"now, do you actually love your children......"

Fast forward just a few days.

There is only one thing that matters in the rural steppes and scrofulous swamp lands....

little traffic in the road...

" will she, or won't she....

I mean fast forward just a few weeks and the odd encounter more:

And add the most voluptuous hips even Tammy couldn't sway that way.

And add non hairprayed hair in perfect harmony with her bounce.

Down the street.

And she saw me.

And she 

but back a week or two.

A smelly old tramp idiot savant  meandering along on his old sit up and beg.

You see in the rural fringes theyre even here so distracted by their fringes they're extra choosy

And there is only one choice.

I mean today i had to recreate the moment with the little lass a few months back.

But this is so much easier as so many times 

Is she or isnt she

A bubble of thought:

with far better hips and a gun in her holster too....

I mean will she or won't she? 

There is  a humdred or so yards for her to have clocked me....

Eye to eye....

Will she or wont she.... 

Is she or aint...

She gonna....?

(the tension)...

Because there is only one rural rule.

You either do or don't.

It's a matter of fingers....

One is good.

But one, and...

a smile. It-girl Chelsea dentist, teeth whitened, who cares...



Matches are for meeting is all I know.

But that was then even if then is so long ago it seems like ten



Sat here now in my now favourite car park.

The perfect place to catch the evening rays.


But that's the thing.

 A year ago it was my very least favourite park or more correctly

Atchin Tan - and tint is just a fantasy.

Be it to skin or hair.


Anyway yes she can keep all her fraud.

Because no money, on none, or even her husban'ds hedge

funding her falsies.

Could begin to give ....what the fuckisit....?

gift is such a limited concept.

It is what Jeffery said:

And be clear,  "community", The Christian never even bothered to reply

my human query:

if he is dead.

It does "recreate itself every day..."

And please, J, he was a fellow of awful Oxford the same one that all the rest of them idiots went to

Not learn how to live.

I have only one god.

And haven't even had time to read his collected works.

Because you have tolive within collected works.

For them to work.

That Jeffery i earned last year....

Well i knew it a bit but talk about letting the fuck go!

After all all there was was the balifs and a few breeding viruses.

About, my lair.


I alone know how to apreciate it.

Because for all their slave loot.

The first time i went there 

Well it was to be "seven years ago..."

But, a free one.... I mean that was simply impossible cos of Rachman with good admin skills.

Is unbeatable under

ANY circumstances....


I mean it was just a joke the day we went down on day one eight years ago, nearly....

And there he was.

A black fuckin swan I mean talk about taking the piss.

And it matters not how mad the ragheads became on funny foreign food.

Taleb's the most diverse.

Said imself brought up on a bit of everything.

From everywhere.

And maybe it was those ingredients: just chuck it all in the pot and pretend to the celiax that you decanted the gluten or whatever fussiness they foist...upon my local chippy for gods sake poor man.

I mean you're lucky to be there

Over the 'border' in yer Waitrose Bag 

never mind expect the poor man to know which bag he pissed in before handing it over

through his sot

to you

without gluten.

Poor folk.

Ricjness is only in one thing.

The impossible.

For no gain i shall be virginal forever.


It's only one thing i know now, today-now

Gabriel yes he knew how to do it  - what sleep is for.

How indeed the next dawn they become once more as if, face to face, up close, anew.