Saturday 8 May 2021

But what the ferk do i do, now, with mine hymn....

 Cyclin around on the old sittup n'beg a few year'nago...

many a country mile. Come rain or snow.

bribing, nicely

begging, with dignity

blackmailing, secretly

Because her identity 

must forever be honoured.

Never mind created only cos one side of her 50:50 was working for that gravy train.

High above the plains of where her other 50% was .

Another time, even if Roman so beautifully told us of a few whom tried.

And should never be forgotten.

But they forgot just how 'complicit'  Uncle Albert may have been.

Never mind maybe a third

the last century murdered.

Not surprising.

But that's history.

 She is half....of that and half


By blood, even if Pretty Woman is the actual DNA  - or to be more correct, his good bit: meme, within the consciousness of, sadly,

them all.

But this is just the aftermath.

The nuclear fallout.

Your British writers to pathetic and coy to even imagine. A true truth.

Except "this"...

and fallout.

Well, you do have to perhaps, well there ain't no perraps about it.

Know, nothing. 

true nothing.

Wastlelands of nothing in every universe since some nutjob dreamed up the first for a "larff".

The said "this" i suppose three years ago.

To know also what real - no not confected new growth fed with intravenous saccharine as in say for example recent talk of theme parks in a non-place called Crickhowell....

Real new growth; 

a herd of happy Phoenixes scratchin around in the dirt and feeling very well fed

Everyone else fed up.

Anyway yes waffle bully for me.

go and finish updating other very old laptop ....break..... yet again....