Sunday 25 April 2021

Well, there was a 'reader'.....

 Whom I do not need.

Because categorical proof.

No doubt.

Who cares if it all is a naughty hologram....

The goddesses know, there was a quest....

Many tussled with.

Many ghosts...ghosting....

I don't care if she ghosts... or doesn't....

Her smile.

"that's a nice this most dodgy of places..."

And i know she reads Russian literature.

Cos within fifteen minutes.

We're in a bookshop she's a'buyin a volume...

But will she "borrow" my Rachel.... 

For that....she has to cross Estelle's .."line"....

"In these times of post meetwo luv....well i would love to know how a woman really is about things but also well there's maybe  tendency to find fault in us chaps..."


The deal:

in riting....

keep your two metres if you will, or ten.

Leave on your facebook live or whatever there is as alternative providerrr....

Come and see it.

Even the can have it all. 

And the chronicle.

But leave me time for just one thing, somehow...

There was only ever one key:

To have the poise and grace and never be needy.

To feel those shivers, the gooey  bits;

When even if i stick on Miss Mitchel or Baez at dawn

especially the latter's one about getting up at it.

Today when i thought that was the eviction papers in my slot.

And yesterday do you realise i was not joking

I am free because you are free

To have me killed if you wish

just naming that name - the man who takes public money to be pro wildlife

Whilst killing it...bad...

His henchmen will find me before, they get gaol

for sure

Freedom is it's not Up To Me...

any more

to protect myself by being careful

But indeed this is all cos of the NBS and her nasty words

And me standing up to even her....

I bet no one else ever has.

She's more dangerous.

Duelling with her... Byronic or not....

Somehow gave me an extra grace

For when it was not only needed, just


Now it should be Minnie on


thank god she ghosted  me too

or i would not have had the energy poise and gace to

recognise somehow a real goddess.