Sunday 25 April 2021

But, in what was....

 ....well the others were just practice

That doesn't need quotes or any kind of word flavouring via marks or delineation.

It was impossible to have when all tuvvas were moaning and hiding

At least ten new healthy relations with the uvva lot

And have today her  - there is no creature more powerful than a young lass with her smartie strapped to her belly

galloping my* old last-august-to-begone-fer-glue, nags...

in the hills

with err man.

"you make sure you boss him about as you the expert and he needs to listen to you im not" 

And NBS goes nuclear.

But i did not get in to my counter attack

peace treaty:

"oh yes and another thing.... twenty three years ago when she came....from her far off land.... she said she has a bun in the oven....and i said i would make that minetoo"

I didn't ask, "is that a little bun growing?"

because there is no question that can have metooo...

modern day slave for life

All just words.

Better get fixin my oven tho...just in case, she

is ....

well that's going to be the most impossible of all books.

And i gotta get to this one first.

because if nothing else.

Tiz for