Saturday 10 April 2021

Well, that wasknee in the plan....

 I mean take the hardest little nut, Byronic 'sister' or not.

she knows about the 'knot' and she did latrfff...

That once beautiful knot

And take the whole saccharine fakery out of forever which is forex symbolised by the crowds...

The world being a better place without them.

As i knew them, and their smiles as fake as ...

well, her sneer a week ago.

And her children were invited.

To beat down that nut, hard or not.

was beyond the quantumly entangled gluon particles that i saw that morning 

soaking up her sweat as peeping, like Tom.

Knowing like Tom

There is a an extra force or ten.



Even when it fails.

As it will sure as ferrits ferrits...

To break though.

before breakfast.

And find all along her beating heart does not only do so for her sweating-zoom

tm or not


yes there is one...


i was rite all


she....does indeed have a sense of humous...

But before we get too excited all that matters is my own being constant

Which is generally a bit of the  man ..(is that culture waringtoo?)

It is simply extraordinary that just like ten years ago one can type into the the exact title on the video

"Violin Concerto No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 26: I. Allegro moderato" and even the man's name ...Ivry

and i am sure it is some anti-Semitic trope, but they don't have him on any list... despite being they own his ass on their same sister company

And thus, he alone is worth the manual version:

Ivry Violin

Anyway back to reality or unreality

How can this be the end... 

The end

The right kind of tear...