Friday 9 April 2021

So the question is, even if only I know the answer:

 yes man, do stay precisely in this mental place.


That way one day you may get the story of the impossible.

Statistically that is.

The end - today I guess,

Is the perfect juxtaposition of 

The worst of thoughts and the greatest thinking.

Do they once again arrest? Is that what she wants?

And does my sister do what she knows full well is next?

But what is yet another weird hurdle, is her word

For mulling

why is it unique to her? And never rit online?

How does that fit?

But then i know that the deal is you never know.

You just make sure you somehow - lies and deceit, no matter what

have time and space - that is the actual real kind of space that real people used to understand which is a head cleared of nonsense mindfulness gurus, in other words totally at ease. Nothing else to do.

So that you can enjoy to the very shake

every shiver up the spine.

The nice kind