Wednesday 20 October 2021

time is indeed the so called enemy

 But I have no enemy.

Because I saw it.

And then it was not to be seen.

And then I looked about kicking my arse. 


How they pulled that little trick.


And so ‘they’ wannit.....and I never do that.

Many a year I never do that.


As she said.

And then went a bit wonkers...

Thank god because here is a question.

I know the answer.

The truth is i would never have had one single millisecond.


(Just when i figured why they had to do it, because they must to an ‘other’).

Not the actual one.... when total sublimity was a gift from the gods when everyone else was moaning.

And i moaned only with delight in a lamentful way. That was worth living for always. Always. No matter what.


I am shy.

And with all those.... moaners..... 

Well forget them.

"you want a victim.....ehhup 

.....there are plenty to spare"

But there is still only one question.

To which I know the answer.

But I shall ask her.


Talking of her-too or should it be discombobulated into one word when anyways, like, fourty two years ago they already had the answer...


Right now.

Those "baby figs" matter.

As she will perrraps notice.

But before that only one noticed.

And I have awaited the kairos. 

For three years.

Just as I am about to fall off the cliff.