Tuesday 21 September 2021

Is she myrrhhhgolating?

 Because I gave up.

I closed my file.


No 'honour' - that's YUK spelling.

And was 'rewarded'  perhaps.

By her "thank you for.."


But will she understand



I mean, really.....really



I mean really fuckin at my river languid.

I mean really really naked on my Hill languid.

I mean last Friday at 1100 hours ish really really...


"hmm so will they take the books... years no matter what, no matter what silly little bug, I collected...?"

"well, overdue, well overdue hahh hahh due to the most glorious year in all of history, well at least since Debord figured it....all of history indeed; because it is impossible that she would in front of him.... well...."


Just a thoughtbubble, for the one whom fair dinkum started it:

"your goddesses....sorry luv, I think we can say that world is full of the not very languid and not very honourable - no matter which side of the pond you spell it from.... twenty seven years I have awaited this, no way she will keep to her word... [those dots are The Sublime by the way not that any nincompoop could get that] ....  but I prepared as if she would, because that is the right thing....  and when t'other day my ballies did not back off and i knew this time i was beat.... about two years late; well... t'was the hour later when i knew that I really would be beat....  and then just like that as if to prove that Goddesses really do love to switch passages they f you up.....  I wasknee...

"but i have no pride.....I was arranging to subsume all the way to their book nickin inevitable...

"I even rehearsed the chat....

"and the 'look' ...of resignation

"But, luv, I shall not try to prove to you that your goddesses or 'inner work' is a load of pants; I know not the deal and should have been dead years ago, but i have only one gift as I have pondered all day on my hill: as we know the sheepl have fallen hook line and sinking feeling for one little thing..... to 'control' the uncontrollable. Accept. And look for what can be, so much fun it is daft.... but a tip, I near died to save that Union; and your Nige well he as good as stabbed her in the back as she was off backpacking to even The Armenian revolution....   but i feel not one quantum particle of confusion about you  .... despite your side, and had to accept your uneducated anti Enlightenment bolshiness, not in any way as good as an actual God of the Bolshie, Thomas The B ...  a ferkin foreigner according to you...

"but for your own good that parallel matter, accept like I did  - I am unmarryable according to all my foreign babes...  because they don't like us any more; accept... it is only about the sentiment of the peepl, and there is a critical mass even if no one among that "other 15% " who understand 'constructive criticism' is because you love..... Mister B knew that, i think....  those 15 ish percent who may hold some sway, and i know languid sway.... they dictate, that your other argument you have...lost, for thine own good give it up"