Thursday 13 May 2021

Yes dead Jef, i can only so called so caring little community...

 of Waitrose Bags...

sat here listening to that...

yes it certainly recreates itself every day.... it is ridiculous how it has. 

No one would believe that story  - good job i have all the tapes.

Except one. 

The one I actually did love.

She had earned love whatever that is. At least valuing her.

For the right reasons.

But i get ahead of myself again as i have been elsewhere- will the three ever meet?

Only one can ever decide that.

Yes, her.

And I will never see her again as sure as ferrits are ferrits as they say.

No mere "never"; the ferrit version of not on your Nelly.

But it occurs:

This one.

No not the walk on by one, this one who lingers, and lingers here too.

I saw.

I have a question: 

How on earth is it that she didn't know the Ivry.

That was for her.

Their contempt was palpable.

A mere, me. 

But hers was so much more confused.

And confusion is more than mere hope, it is real.

And more than merely real, is a gift.

It's not "why?", but is this. New. 

But could she one day play it too?

She is not finished.

That i now that;s what the lingerinzabout....

 A question Jeffery.

It used to be just a 'gift' how narcissistic and selfish me.

I have a list of them for Sweats - that first. 

A question. 

But then that's such a bore too, but i supose less demanding than a gift.


We shall see.