Saturday 15 May 2021

Anyway thus...

 ... keep the themes in mind, and remarkably i do, when i not only have far more interesting impossible real life do.

That one funny one even if it is the purpose


Instruct nicely with good well evidenced examples

Some new generation of nestbeschmutzers.... that not only do the Krauts know it is a necessary thing

Or did.

And no sane person should have much interest in anything Allemagne pre about nineteen sixty...

Because as the fabulous Yank said after a certain spectacle (to quote her) 

"after some major event the writer must wait at least ten years before opening your trap..if you have  a brain.." 

And a very big spectacle - does not really make good sense of any human condition, in my book STASI far more interesting, especially the one i fell in love with last ...June.... on STASI duty. And thus my whole life changed. And i want her on duty forever.  They just don't get me.....  Words, actions "I started to do my groceries at least three times a day in this little shithole i would previously only make it to three times a month and that was in a dull month..... STASI is a term of endearment even if vaguely true, except her.... with her so so photogenic and gorgeous rebellious stance...she let me foto... because she alone, 'got' it..."

fotos later

There are many

See there we go again, another action: i still do, because just bringing her poise and Grace back to minds eye for this load of drivel, distracts entirely, because i do in fact, love her. Whatever that is.

Themes yes ehh oh yes.... cycling sit up and beg: Young Rebellions even if they all have NPD... 

"Prepping" is not the absurd version you will find on Youtube with yet another anti-socialist fat yank talking about tin cans and ammo

Prepping is relative - the second most important word in the English 'mongrel' language... in both senses. 

But let's keep to the simpler form as English simply cannot deal with relatives whom also may have a share of the inheritance chest... as even my number one Cret friend described...

relative to a smallish Island with a lot of latent fruitbats.... and perhaps even Mad-as-Max's 

No point even if i know where the best hiding places are - many years scouting.

Tin cans  - they'll have infra red sights .... 

as even the lowly farmers my way have now...

No hope hiding away.

Learn to deal with Max and his crew, and maybe she will get 


"Oh how lucky we are - i carry mine around - cv....  even Rachel of the K.P. would never get the greatest beauty in a piece of paper most would consider so underigueur...did...  

"until that Black Swan comes paddlin down the street .... and it turns out to be our passport... "

To life

SHe will get it.

But lets go back to the first chirp.

Of the day.

bubbles of thought will have to do for now:

"Time for next phase

" now i have the perfect poise and Grace or at least the most poiseful best little shoulder bag commissioned...

[ugghhh how thick the Guardian reading middle classes are dont she understand silly bint i am still only using her to try and get back to the STASI.... ? narcissistic personality disorder is incurable especially around here...where they love to chuck around an 'Asperger's' accusation, like any man who doesnt kiss their three faces whether masked or not.... whilst denying the former so called label may even be real in their highstreet...]

" ok what will it serve up..... i mean what a stroke of genius how did i know a few years ago.... ?

"that one day what with all those cards and council tax accounts and a few essentials on the never never.... too  busy to earn a living what with all those actual thousands of miles to tramp; harvesting any vote....just possible cuppa or vote... that may counter the vote... for lifestyle... which is all Nigel actually had to pervert the issue with, subliminally, so cleverly, it worked.. 

" ... nuthin to do with me as i 'retired' even if well before any 'official' age  - don't think I'm any old fogey.. please... because i did my bit and discovered.. the people did not deserve ...democracy or sanity... 

" [getting back to what actually matters and is in mind - politicians don't, the scrofulous plebs did, until they drank the soma too and so don't,  and the even more scrofulous new politicos such as Guardian reading Momentous new movements dont either because sadly they were all mouth and no trousers but thats for another day] so.... what a glorious work of performance art - a real last, with tunes of accompaniment.... How pre the-year

T'all came crashing down in a flood

of ...well just flooding

As the latest letter to the council begins in ode form.

And then just a mere six months later a second flood

That destroys ones accounts.

But who needs fuckin accounts 



But i get ahead of myself... (my only copyright breach all else is pure and original but that the GF Newan also became at last so fuckin gorgeous in its Rachelness....tiz a Rachelists wet dream  and Rachelous in its seditious take almost ... .... i mean i was crying afternoon before last with the pleasure)

Even if it is the perfect pull of the reigns as i do actually have so much to try and weave in that if i dont get back to plan A which was a side page with a simple sequential narrative i will be thought on drugs or dumb or yet another idiot savant conspiracy theorist....

THey.... my many women.... yes, mine......and at last they can indeed take the stand and state the truth as they know only one truth..... they know nothing is further from the truth. For real. Because last afterschool that both of them did... tippy toe up our perfect collective space...  which only one person ever actually believed in, despite also doing real science and knowing it was more improbable than Conscious Agent theory being ever actually provable, or 'stuff'  ditto, that it would work....

But two of them! Thats fuckin icing made of the concious agent that's  Mala, Hannah Arendt, ehh and a few other real wimmin like ehhh....Siouxsi too....

I mean...a whole lifetime caring that ....well.... 

its ALWAYS 10:1 ... now up to 14:1 

I don't any more...and never will again

As the likelihood of this little peace treaty a real one, here, is well..... its more likely that Jerusalem will turn into Woodstock

Hahh hahh that's funny as if to remind me: where did it start? today.... "no... no tab is playing nusic...........whats goin on ?!? ...this is divine intervention.... [ flail around figuring where's the wire] and then ....hahh hahhh its the little debtor phone in the man bag thingy....  that fits now the new routine so  a kairos kinda way...fuckin Crets took a whole Ecclesiastes to manage not to sum up, in just one gorgeous word... .... anyway yes so silent for weeks now it can be just for music... spesh since sounds better than the fairly awful Samsung cheapskaters.... "

(i mean if i could have such a connection yesteraft with err...all 60 ish something and so enjoy it...well just maybe... cos there was only ever one first equal with five others.... true Goddess and so literary and sane in latter years too... )

Sorry, love....

you may well have your latter day Axl and crew but...

No one ever ever did it so new and perfect as our'n... 

except her predecessor by a few years...a   babe too. But history went and rit her out....