Saturday 17 April 2021

Well I never....

 It works even here: sweats layby,

That is almost impossible. 

But what was impossible, was that..

But before we get to that. Which i must do one day. Because their smiles....

We do at last know what that is for:  never mind her fake 'bliss'.

About the greatest ever weird line that is far too deep for even the Orangemenn.

Tiz the end...

tis the glorious impossible end. 

More even than that little one's "picturesque"  a couplamonths 


Six.....  and two rare-names....

But as the latest curiosity got: " i am tougher than all the infantry put together, but even i am exhausted....  because of course there always was that place in their hearts.... "

Well i think the curiosity got. 

But will she 'get' the gorgeous reason  - what it is for?

That line and the life innit.

And how only one thing to my surprise could bring me back to life:

And one event of so many personifies winning he war after losing every so called battle.

And now I can die. 


As the great crazy black man said.

And that mid-post.... uggh what a horrid word, 'post'.

Her who did after all do, so well, so so well, comes by.... came by.

That is too much.

I am done.