Saturday 24 April 2021

Even I do not believe it, now....

 T'su a good job every second is so well chronicled.

The N B S standing there, so callous.... despite our sublime year - or in her case nine months.

 But what will happen today...|\?

It all came true if they can just stop hiding behind their maks and admit.... to being themselves.

All i know ..... how to turn an evil assumption and fuckwittering into something so absurdly positive....

No, it (times true) cannot come true.

But I have had by far the most healthily psuchological year of my far.

And thus it is at last time to watch that documentary, BBC - assassins....on myself. Who cares if i shall be alone.

But that's another even longer story. This one, well.... i have not read that email incomer yet either.... but at least she didn't set him on me. Actions. What not. Is just as interesting.