Wednesday 24 March 2021

Oh well, back in time.....


I met her at last.

The real version.

And she knew it.

Now if she had mated with him...Because 

Only one ever got got it for real....

And did it better than the shaded  man.

Buttexactly, her man....

We discover.

So, what a surprise, hey....

If you do not know age fifty summit, nay thirty summit

That taking strong or even itzy witzy bitzo, psychotropes

And you moan about it.

You are just a trope.

And definitely not even an interesting trope at that.

And that your millions of "i wish i could hug him" huggers.

Are dystopia and Apocalypse mated with the  useless so called Narrator

She was.




In the...

In the ...what?! 

And at last Rita, I got.


Those bees Rita.

And flowers.

And thus at last I can go back.

Dear love, little lost love.

I heard you tonight.

There is only one human being ever lived.

I would love you to have met.

And i have for you, after me. 

After me.

"Roy.... there is only one woman, ok proto-woman, I ever knew who would

get you; and is worthy of you, please make it out to her"

And as i whither away in my bad arm.

T'was meant to actually start.

I had the exact moment in my head earlier.

The perfect launching place oh yes it comes back.

It does start there.

And i had no room for her.


 There she would not have fitted.

Ever and fool me thinking she ever would.

" Everybody say yes.."

"so what is your name, my interogaratoress?"

"I need to know the name of the woman who will stick it to me, fatally"

"Especially when your eyes are so beautiful and piercing, and alive..."

And now, to be back there.

With scratches.

Thiose scratches are so beautiful.

They are