Friday 26 February 2021

But I need to remember one last small quest:

 The whole of dreadful Adam's whole cannon.

Of work.

Summed up in the last three or four decades of aversion.

To common sense and real growing up.

I do think, even if I learned true pacifism.


I mean that moment last early summer you could not make up.

He was a gift.

T'was as if all along he had been that holstered loaded gun.

And just because his girlfriend was treated like an equal.

Talk about a gifting test.

No reaction. 

Not worth it.

No, that would be disingenuous to me.

Above it.

Mere angst.

And so to that smallest quest.

To find a parable, one day.

That is better than the fine allegory of his.

Black Swan.