Friday 26 February 2021

But I do know one thing for sure

 'Im and his folklore.

"so, hello, are we breaking the lore..?"

"There ain't no myth.

"Believe me I am aware and notice.

"It's a good thing you missed your doctor's call.

"You are right, you made the  right call

"If you did ignore his call.

"I can see it in your face.

"None of their so called  medicine in you.

"You can see it in the skin you know

"None of her sad mother's ruin either  - I see you are healthy and true

"Please.... only  a few years left of your clock

"Take it from me I know I can see.... and care.

"Carry on not taking their strong medicine.

"There's  absolutely nothing wrong with you now.

"And I can tell a fine mind, and balanced psyche,  too"

She loved that word, my b word.

One person was made more than happy.

He heart uplifted, when no one else really would mean it. 

She also knows I am right.

For sure. 

And what to do.

 Because indeed, it is only about tomorrow. 

And if he wants to share. Well I know exactly what I want.

And what was right.